Preferred Leadership Qualifications
1. Worshipper — Team members should have a love for worshipping God. We must be committed to honoring Him with our entire lives.
2. Spiritual Maturity — Every team member is a leader in worship. This requires maturity in many areas, including in our walk with Christ.
3. Committed Attender of theLighthouse — The nature of this ministry requires a strong commitment to the people, leadership, and vision of theLighthouse. We ask that you attend theLighthouse regularly, even when you are not scheduled to minister. This includes Sunday morning worship and attendance at a small group (9a Growth Group, Home Group, or Wednesday evening group). It also includes being faithful in bringing your tithe and offerings to theLighthouse.
4. Musical excellence — We desire to flow with the Spirit when He moves. Our skill level should be such that we are not limited or distracted when He redirects. He provides the gifts; we must work to master them.

Leadership Expectation
1. Personal Preparation — Our spiritual and musical preparation have direct implications on our effectiveness as a team. Please come prepared in your hearts and in your craft to worship the Lord and minister to His people. Spend time in worship with the songs for that week.
2. Personal Growth — As leaders, we must be committed to personal growth.
Spiritually: This happens through personal and corporate times of worship and discipleship. Stagnant spiritual lives mean a stagnant worship team. A stagnant worship team isn’t able to effectively flow with the Spirit.
Musically: Take the initiative to hone your craft; become the very best you can be. This means personal rehearsal time, possible private lessons, as well as team rehearsals. Always be willing to receive candid instruction when appropriate.
3. Team Player — More than individual expertise, our musical desire is to flow as a team. Our team is not a collection of separate individuals, but a single unit with a single purpose: to minister to God first and foremost, and our people second. As leaders, our desire must be to use our skills to fulfill the team’s purpose, rather than draw individual attention. A teachable spirit and desire to serve the vision of theLighthouse leadership is of utmost importance in maintaining a healthy ministry team.

Leadership Guidelines
1. Acclimation Period — A 4 to 8 week period during which potential team members observe and gain familiarity with the team and theteam’s processes during rehearsal times. (Shorter periods for existing Lighthouse attenders; longer periods for new Lighthouse attenders.)
2. Scheduling & Communication — Below is a general outline of required meetings & an outline of our communication methods.
8a Sunday Sound Checks — Ministry prayer begins on the stage promptly at 8a. Sound checks and rehearsal will begin immediately following our ministry prayer time. Musicians requiring setup (i.e. guitars, drums, etc.) must arrive early enough so setup is not taking place after 8a prayer. The scheduled worship team will meet in the Prayer Room at 9:45a. Punctuality is priority.
Monthly Wednesday Rehearsals at 7.30p — Continual inconsistent rehearsal attendance could result in being asked to step down from a worship team. Punctuality is priority.
Planning Center Online is our primary method of scheduling and communication.
It is important to confirm or decline each week via Planning Center. If you are unable to minister at your designated time, please communicate through the appropriate channels:
• 1-week’s notice or more: Planning Center Online or email
• Less than 1 week: Planning Center AND text or phone call to your team leader, Chris Renwick, or Pastor Jeremy.
• Tardiness to rehearsals must be communicated via phone call or text to your team leader, Chris Renwick, or Pastor Jeremy.
• Block out dates in PCO if you’re involved in multiple areas of ministry on Sunday mornings & also for vacations or other absences
3. Attire – Team members will present themselves in a manner both glorifying to God and honoring to others. Attire should not detract from the team accomplishing our purpose: to minister to God and to our people. Modesty is important.
Please be aware that the stage is 3’ higher than the main floor; your legs are at eye-level for the congregation and the camera. Be aware of this when seated on the stage as well. Since modesty can be subjective, please approach this topic with humility and openness, and understand that this will be a learning experience as we work to maintain a culture of modesty in our Worship Ministry.
Sunday A.M.

Women — Knee-Length or Longer Skirts/Dresses (Slits should start at the knee or below); Slacks or Dressy Jeans (Tailored is OK, Tight is not OK); Leggings must be covered down to the knee; Shoulders Covered; Nothing Sleeveless; No Tight Blouses or Tops; Must be long enough that no skin shows when lifting hands; Four-Finger Rule for Neckline; No Flip Flops
Men — Slacks or Dressy Jeans; Collared Shirt. Optional: Coat/Tie (No hats or sandals)
Color designations can be found by logging in to Planning Center and viewing the notes or the order sections for the applicable service.
I have read and I understand theLighthouse Worship Ministry Guidelines and Expectations. I agree to fulfill a one-year commitment to the worship ministry at theLighthouse and will follow the expectations and guidelines stated here.

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